Car Removal

Looking for Free Truck, Ute and Car Removals Service in Canberra?

At Canberra Car Removal you can get free removal of any unwanted cars and trucks in return get top dollar. Another speciality of our Car Removal service is that we offer you completely free towing on the same day. Our team of professional car removal specialists can ensure an easy and fast unwanted car removal that takes all the hassles of removing junk cars. We are able to remove Korean, European, American and Japanese models such as Honda, Suzuki, Toyota, Suzuki, Lexus, and Mazda. but that is not all we also buy Mercedes, Land Rover, BMW, and numerous other local and imported brands.

How to get started?

Give us a call on 0401 33 33 93 and then our friendly staff will provide a quick quote and our staff will book a tow truck to remove your car or truck. Why you need to make it ready beforehand is that your ID or your driver’s license along with your vehicle’s paperwork. It is not important to give your registration paper to us we will give you a receipt that your vehicle has been dismantled and recycled.

At Canberra Car Removal: We have been doing car removal and much more services such as:

• Free Unwanted Car Removals
• Free Truck Pick up Canberra
• Scrap Vehicle removals
• Damaged Ute Removal
• Wrecked Car removals
• Junk Car Removals
• Free Trucks Removals
• Free Van Pick up for Scrap
• Unwanted 4WD Removals
• Free commercial Truck and All Wheel Drive removals Across Canberra

Size doesn’t matter we have modern equipment that can pick up any size and shape of a car, truck, van, 4WD, commercial vehicle, motorcycle, ute, or any other type of thing on four wheels. Canberra Car Removals will remove and pay some cash in return for your vehicle, no matter what its age or condition.

Why Choose Canberra Car Removal?

We are doing good for our environment if it’s done properly. Our streets can be full of junk cars but we won’t let that happen we will pick up and recycle these vehicles that are unwanted and old. As you know old cars and trucks are not worth any money and it is very expensive to repair them we will buy and remove it on the same day of your inquiry.

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