Car Removal Canberra – Things You Must Consider Before Scheduling Your Old Car Pickup

old car removal

When your car has reached the end of its usefulness and you are ready to sell it, the first step you’ll take is usually to schedule an appointment with your local junk car buyer to have them come by and pick up your old vehicle.

But before you do that, make sure you have considered these six things that could impact the final price you get when it comes time to settle up with your junk car buyer. Not doing so could mean leaving money on the table and not getting top dollar for your old jalopy.

1. The Condition of Your Car

If your vehicle is in terrible condition and looks like a car from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare before Christmas, you may want to hold off on making that appointment with a scrapyard. If you’re concerned about how your car will be reconditioned, check online reviews of local wrecking yards. These places are often under intense scrutiny by their customers so they try very hard to maintain good reputations.

2. Is it Being Sold?

One of the easiest ways to make money from your old car is by selling it. If you’re selling, make sure you already have a buyer lined up or at least know how much money you want for it. This will prevent someone from swiping your ride on short notice. It can also help you get a higher price for your vehicle if there’s competition for it.

3. Will You Still need it?

If you plan on keeping your old car, there’s no need to schedule a pickup. However, if you have decided it’s time for your old car to retire, it’s time to call a pick-up service. If you have decided that you are going to keep your old car and use it around town, then scheduling a pick up isn’t as crucial.

4. Are There Other Options?

When it comes time to schedule a pickup, a lot of people are surprised by just how easy and painless it is. Not only that but when you book with us, there’s no binding commitment; you’re under no obligation whatsoever. If you decide not to pick up your car, after all, we’ll even refund your deposit. We put our customers first—always—which is why we want you to be completely comfortable before making any final decisions.

5. How Much will It Cost?

Pricing your old car can be tricky, especially if you’re planning on a DIY auction. To get an accurate quote of what it will cost you, visit your local junk or salvage yard and give them as much information about your vehicle as possible—make, model, year, condition (with any major issues), license plate number and so on. They’ll tell you exactly how much they can offer for your car in that condition.

6. What Kind of Mileage Does it Have?

It’s a good idea to get an estimated mileage of your car before scheduling your old car pickup. This will ensure that you receive fair value for your trade-in. Trade-in estimates can be calculated based on models and years of cars, too. Simply input some data (the make, model, engine type, etc.) into Kelley Blue Book or another reliable source for a price quote on what your trade may be worth if traded in.


The process of getting your old car picked up can be quite a hassle if you don’t plan it correctly. By following these simple steps, you can minimize the chances of any unpleasant surprises and get the best possible price for your car. And as always, don’t forget to visit Canberra Cash for Cars for a hassle-free junk car pickup experience!

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